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Heavy Steel Structures

Our Heavy Steel Structures Our Heavy Steel Structures are engineered to withstand the most demanding industrial and commercial environments, delivering unmatched performance and longevity. Experience the robust performance and longevity of Steelfab’s Heavy Steel Structures, crafted using state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials to ensure superior performance in all environments. Diverse Industry Applications Customization and Flexibility […]
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Pre Engineered Buildings The Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) facility allows the flexibility to fulfill unlimited range of building configurations, custom designs, requirements and applications. A growing number of prominent international designers and contractors who had previously specified conventional structural steel buildings exclusively, have now discovered the PEB strength & approach. Thanks to this, they enjoy significant […]
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Decking Panel

Decking Panel Steel deck panels, roll-formed from structural quality sheet steel, serve as the surface for floors or roofs and are engineered to span joists or purlins, offering variations in thickness, shape, and depth to meet diverse loading conditions. Steelfab Deck 900, our most advanced decking panel designed with cutting-edge US technology, provides a robust […]
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Building Components

Natural ventilating System Many buildings, including factories, warehouses, workshops, and community centers, often lack efficient natural ventilation systems, leading to hot and stale interiors that compromise occupant comfort and productivity. Steelfab Turbo Ventilators offer a cost-effective and efficient natural ventilation solution, improving air quality and comfort by expelling hot, stale air and drawing in fresh, […]
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We strive to deliver the highest quality buildings, in the best possible time frame, and at the best price.

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